Chicago The Musical

Wagon Wheel Theatre

Usually, I'm playing the sweet young ingenue. To get to play someone older (and a bit sexier) was... AWESOME! 

You can tell that (as a character) Hillary Smith’s Velma Kelly is older than Roxie Hart, but she’s got a seductive fire and toughness that’s hard to resist. While Roxie sways and slinks like a self important kitty, Velma burns with passion and ferocity like a tiger—grace and power in a single amazing package.
— Sights and Soundz
Hillary Smith plays Velma as being a no-holds-barred femme fatale perfectly.

As far as their vocal abilities—outstanding. Velma begins the musical with the favorite number ‘All That Jazz’, and Hillary Smith gives it all the razzle dazzle that it deserves. She is also mesmerizing in ‘I Can’t Do It Alone’ and ‘Class’.

Velma was my favorite because of the tough as nails approach in which Smith delivered the role.
— Times Union